Online Exhibitor Manual

Cost-saving, Eco-friendly

A comprehensive and well-prepared exhibitor manual. All information is provided in whatever format required. Details the Official Suppliers to contact; service and package order forms; important details on Stand Build Regulations & Health & Safety Guidance. Online Exhibitor Manual increases staff efficiency and is cost saving.


Increases Productivity:

  • Easy access and user friendly
  • Ability to quickly modify/ update necessary information to meet datelines
  • Clear and quick submission supported with a variety of online reporting tools
  • Allows flexibility in publishing time
  • Usable using pre-event, during the event and post event (online & offline)

Cost Saving:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Eliminates reliance on booklets
  • Reduces losses incurred by paper bound procedures
  • Offers additional revenue with sponsorship and advertising opportunities
  • Reduces endless amount of paper work
  • Replaces traditional exhibitor manual

Data Management:

  • Active portal of information
  • Easy administration to set up dynamic order forms, invoices, receipts and emails for each event
  • Allows full control and access in the administration portal
  • Increases staff efficiency
  • Keeps track of crucial datelines and other important information
  • Provides support in any time zone which includes extremely urgent and time sensitive requests
  • Customised OEM to compile, organise to generate information and provide details when necessary
  • Easily integrated with third party registration systems or websites