Interactive Tracking System (iScan)

Retrieve Leads with Ease

iScan is the latest mobile application for lead retrieval that is designed for exhibitors in an exhibition. It captures attendees data by scanning attendees badge through a mobile app on a mobile device. This cutting edge device provides document conversion services to archive, protects your records, saves space and makes accessing your data easy to manage.


Simplicity & Accessibility:

  • All information is made available on your device and online via a simple scan
  • Impress your clients with immediate follow ups via the secure portal of Corporate IT Solutions
  • Easy to add attendee enquiries via our product listings
  • Select action items for easy follow ups

Independent device:

  • With a smartphone/tablet that is running on either iOS or Android platform, you are ready to capture sales leads ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

Reduces paper footprint:

  • Cost saving
  • Reduces paper work
  • Embark on the journey to digitise your print media
  • View instantly with a single click on the product web links dispatched to you

Post Show Analysis Reports:

  • All captured information will be seamlessly uploaded to the secure online portal to allow for easy tracking of activity during the event
  • Online data management system automatically organises information into useful databases for easy qualifications and follow-ups
  • Our secure login ensures your data is safe and secure
  • The data analysis report allows you to filter information about your leads, allowing you instant data insight about current market demand and product trends